49Winters is born of long heritage and experience with the design, sourcing and manufacturing of outerwear.

Founder Andrew Lever comes from third generation tailors; founder Philip Bull has worked within the outerwear market for more than twenty years and their collaboration to leverage their collective knowledge of the market after forty eight seasons of working together, led them to create 49Winters. With a weather eye on the changing nuances of climate and the need for adaptable layers which cope with modern lifestyle and travel, their aim was to create a season-proof range which put the customer at the heart of the retail journey, allowing them to create personalised outerwear. 49Winters is dedicated to giving the choice to the client. A 49Winters parka is made up of three elements; the outer shell, an inner down and an optional fur trim. There are over three thousand possible combination in the current range and all colours and styles are full compatible with each other and can be added to across future seasons, thus extending the life of the garment and most importantly add- ing an element of playful choice in constructing a personalised parka.

Sales: laura@pblctrdeny.com
Press: press@49winters.com
Instagram: @49winters