COMMON: of or relating to a community at large; work for the common good
TRADE: the business of buying and selling or bartering commodities

PARIS: On June 21, 2017, Laura Baker [pblc trde ny] and James Waller [blood brother] opened COMMON TRDE, a space in Paris for global brands and buyers.

Baker and Waller developed COMMON TRDE as a market service platform for their [in house] agency brands and select partnering non agency brands to support one another and overcome the many hurdles of developing sales on a global level with limited resources. They wanted to create an easier way for buyers to reach them regardless of territory and for the brands themselves to have ample professional opportunities regardless of their size. The showroom is curated based on territory. “We feel each brand chosen represents a successful wholesale distribution model in a specific country. With that, we leverage their sales with another brands sales thus creating maximum exposure on a global level.” Baker said.

The goal is to create a shared lifestyle space that allows each brand to thrive individually, while collectively supporting each other for a greater reach. With one point of management between buyers and brands, and open and transparent communication we are able to create an environment where everyone can utilize their best efforts, regardless of origin and size.” Waller said.

Both Baker and Waller have long been trusted in the industry for their taste level and expertise with both upcoming and established brands. Baker’s New York-based PBLC TRDE showroom will operate the sales end of the market, managing all of the appointments regardless if they are agency or non agency by inviting top buyers and press from every country as well as follow through for new business on non-agency brands.. Waller’s London based brand agency which includes Blood Brother will use its European offices for operations, client management and will be in search of new and viable brands to introduce to the Paris market.