The story of Mathieu de Ménonville and Rémi de Laquintane is the story of two childhood friends, two Parisian guys who studied philosophy together in an old French university. In 2009, sharing their passion for fashion and culture, they decide to launch Éditions MR (Mathieu & Rémi). Their own apartment in the rue du Bouloi, a few steps away from the Palais Royal, becomes a small boutique. Friends come to look at their clothes, and often stay hours to hang out with a drink in their hands. Mouth-toear operated its magic and soon clients join the party. A year later, they open a first store in the Marais, followed two years later by a second one at 9 rue Madame where, alongside the ready to wear collections, a made-to-order line made in France is developed. Behind Éditions MR lies the idea, maybe even the fantasy, of a man with a rugged attitude, on the edge of total nonchalance. The clothes are his fellow travelers, his mates. Beautifully made they can be worn without fetishism, asking to be a treated harshly, to be used. To put it simply: to live with their owner, and take the hits without complaining or falling apart. This Éditions MR man travels back and forth in time, wherever he goes he is always well-dressed, yet he still carries the carefree attitude of a morning-after-a-night-before, and the scents of cognac and tobacco. “Édition” is in the name of the label because editing, the process of finding what is essential, plays a big role in our design philosophy. Each piece matches a personal desire, a functionality, a moment of life whether it is benign or singular. Everything has a meaning; is carefully thought out. This wardrobe is inspired by the Parisian life, the history of menswear, culture, travels, family memories. All these aspects build a dialogue with a community of people known for their eclectic tastes, people who can appreciate the beauty of a coat as well as a good book or a premiere in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. In September of 2015, Éditions MR launches an online platform that gathers the founders’ favorite works and products, book selections, collaborations, old pictures and filmed interviews recorded in the Hotel Lousiane’s room 42. A patchwork of inspirations, that activates the interaction between fashion and culture, absolutely vital to design appealing collections.

A few months ago we reinvested room 42 of the hôtel Louisiane and conducted there a series of filmed interviews. Those old corridors hold memories. For the both of us, at some stage of our lives, have lived there for a few months or a year. A hotel is foremostly for indoors living. It’s hosting in a room where lingers a distilled sense of intimacy. It’s heading out in a bathrobe, barefooted in your slippers, to buy a newspaper and a bit of tobacco. A hotel also embodies the fantasy of a free and unexpected life, the necessity of a single suitcase full of essentials because that’s all there is and that’s all we want. It’s precisely that kind of wardrobe that we’ve created for the first collection of Edition MR: must-have’s, more than ever sourced in the brand’s archives. Timeless successes reinterpreted and reedited. Patterns and especially micro-patterns, inspired by the interiors which saw us grow up, rich in carpets, plaids and tapestries. A long, oversized dressing gown coat that we slipped into to go down to the bar and order a cognac-tonic, eyes heavy from an afternoon of reading. Elegant outfits cut into noble, refined materials, but also weathered and scruffy. Worn with a touch of insolence, they are perfectly embodied by Burroughs or Hemingway – both having treaded on this same old and venerable carpet, in these very Louisiane corridors. Although hotels act like a semblance of stability amongst the thread of our travel, they are also an invitation to wandering and adventure. Hence to this indoor wardrobe were naturally added other pieces, made to become our best allies throughout our journeys and respecting the principles of nomadic traditions. Within these we find a reedited shawl collar jacket, cowboy boots, leather and skins. These will accompany us to the world’s edges and will come back used, with a rugged patina, more beautiful still. 

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