Mr Yutaka Goto reworks Californian skater and surfer style with his label Remi Relief. High quality fabrics and expert construction are key for this Japanese brand, which offers a fresh and luxurious take on subculture-inspired cool.

REMI RELIEF indicates twist for ‘REMIX=Mixing again’ and operation for ‘RELIEF=Getting rid of’.
It is derived from MEISTER’s thought: ‘Good stuff’ is created in result of adding twist to each one of process while getting rid of superfluous.

HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE- Based on the mind ‘Quality before quantity’, pursuing ‘ultimate American basic’ without any wastes by focusing on thread, twisted thread, knitting, print pigment, processing.

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What is it that comes to your mind when you hear "Made in Japan?" It may not be a particular physical item but more of the idea of having something meticulously crafted by someone who is highly devoted to his or her craft.