Partners ANT DE PADOVANE, JACOB AND JOSHUA WILLS conceived SECOND/LAYER in the spring of 2012. With backgrounds in visual communication, design and creative direction, and bonded by more than a decade of friendship, SECOND/LAYER was born in their basement studio in Venice, California. Through a shared aesthetic, rooted from their southern California upbringing, SECOND/ LAYER proposes what they call, ‘Tailor made dailywear.’ A phrase they use to define their interpretation of simplistic elegance comprised through a clean silhouette, smart fabrication, and tamed tailoring.

SECOND/LAYER was the means to the end of an era. ANT, JACOB and JOSHUA, spent about a decade in the contemporary streetwear world where they cut their teeth at brands that served as a bridge between the dog days of fashion and to what it has become today in the men’s marketplace. Without this experience at both a business level as well as a street level, they would not have been able to build what we have built up to this point. Authenticity plays a key role in their disciplines and design principles inside and out of the studio. 

Instagram: @secondlayer_us